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John Scott Works has, as part of the PRN-Group, a long-term vision. The core principle of the PRN-Group is to work closely to our customers. We want to understand the specific needs of your business as well as possible in order to meet your high standards. Sometimes, this means taking some new strategic steps. This is the basis for the foundation of John Scott Works, together we are Building Trust.

Our cold-formed concept is the most sustainable solution out there. We take responsibility for the effects of our business activities. Thanks to conscious choices, we aim for a balance between Planet, People and Profit.
PRN- Group | A family owned business
Our goal is not only to supply the best possible quality at a competitive price, but also to achieve this near our customer base in the United Kingdom. Providing flexibility and customisation are important aspects of our business.

John Scott Works was established in 2016 and currently delivers 400 mezzanine floor projects per year. The PRN-Group is founded by Jos Schot in the Netherlands. It is a family driven business with a long-term vision. We are always looking for ways to improve and optimise while having short lines of contact. John Scott Works cares.

Want to know more about John Scott Works? You can read it on our About us page on the website.

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