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A mezzanine manufacturer | Choose John Scott Works
A mezzanine manufacturer | Choose John Scott Works
A mezzanine manufacturer | Choose John Scott Works

Warehouse mezzanine floors are the solution for storage shortage

Do you own a warehouse and do you have a shortage of storage for your products? Then there are number of options you can do. You can find a new and bigger location where you do have extra space for the products. But you have to put a lot of effort in it, because you have to move all your products of course and arrange everything around employees and other people that work for the company. Another option is to install a mezzanine floor. We explain what installing mezzanine floors contains, how much it costs and how it works. More about warehouse mezzanine floors.

Warehouse mezzanine floors are the solution for storage shortage

These floors are a self-supporting construction that serves as an intermediate floor to provide extra storage space in your warehouse. John Scott Works is one of the top dealers of mezzanines. With a mezzanine floor we offer an affordable and effective solution for creating additional space in the warehouse. Renting a new and bigger building mostly costs between 40 and 100 pounds per square meter, without VAT. That price is also excluding energy, gas and water and costs for moving. Then we aren’t even talking yet about finding new employees, because not everybody who works in the company wants to move with you.

Mezzanine floors for your warehouse cost in most cases, around 100 pounds per square meter, without any specialties. If you want to calculate the exact costs of your mezzanine floor, use our cost calculator at the end of this page. You will receive a personal price estimate in your mailbox. This is way more specific, because the prices above are a rough guess as it depends on the load capacity and other features you wish to add.

Warehouse mezzanine floors

Advantages of warehouse mezzanine floors

You not only create extra space in the building, you will also earn back warehouse mezzanine floors in about 1.5 years. Therefore, it is a very cost effective solution. Of course the payback period depends on the total costs of your mezzanine, but in general, you will earn it back within 1.5 to 2 years. Also the cold formed system mentioned above provides a cost-effective, practical and innovative alternative traditional hot rolled design.

Mezzanine system floor to create extra height

To meet storage needs, we work with a mezzanine system floor to create extra height. If you think that you haven't got enough space with one layer of mezzanine, we can also deliver mezzanine floors with multiple layers, up until three levels. This way the storage space is used well and your warehouse has four levels for storage. Besides you can choose from different mezzanine floors with different sizes, colors and materials. Depending on what your wishes are.

About John Scott Works

John Scott Works delivers not only warehouse mezzanine floors. We provide more than a solution for shortage of space. We deliver customized work of high quality. We only use the best materials for the floors which are installed by our own John Scott Works employees. John Scott Works has experience based on more than 10.000 installed mezzanines worldwide. This global experience is therefore extra useful when you have an international company. We are your mezzanine company.

If you want to know more about all options of the mezzanine floor, please contact us. Do you want to receive a price indication? Then you can simply request a quote without obligation.

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