Warehouse mezzanine floors

Give your business space with a mezzanine floor. John Scott Works Ltd is a manufacturer of warehouse mezzanine floors.

A mezzanine is the perfect way to optimally utilize the space in your warehouse. Even if you temporarily need extra space, a mezzanine floor is a smart solution. On average, a mezzanine floor costs around 35 to 90 pound (excluding VAT) per square metre. That is not much if you compare it to renting, expanding or buying a (new) warehouse. In addition, a mezzanine floor is easy to sell if you no longer need it and you don't have to install a new climate system. It retains its value. Do you need help planning or designing your warehouse? We can recommend the book 'Warehouse Management' by Gwynne Richards.

At John Scott Works we can deliver a mezzanine at lightning speed. Within four weeks you'll receive our building kit with steel columns, floors and bolts. You can install the mezzanine yourself (with the help of some handy colleagues) or you can hire our in-house assembly team to finish the job. Did you know that a mezzanine requires no welding, no cutting and no drilling? We can install a mezzanine without doing major modifications to the current building.

Warehouse mezzanine floors: for heavy duty

Our mezzanines are build for heavy duty. We also offer a range of options and accessories, in case you want to customize your mezzanine or if you want to protect your employees or customers.

Get an instant price estimate

Start today and use our cost calculator. First choose the desired shape: square, U-shape or L-shape. Then fill in the dimensions, choose a RAL color for the columns and determine the load capacity per square meter. Our floors have a load capacity up to 1.250 kg per m2. Do you need a higher load capacity, then please contact us. At last you'll choose a floor surface finish. A wooden floor is cheaper than a galvanized metal grating.

John Scott Works is a British company and part of an international group supplying mezzanine all over Europe. We have our own production facility, what enables us to provide the optimal mezzanine flooring solution for you.