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Storage mezzanine flooring

Your warehouse is bursting at the seams and you are desperately looking for more space. A mezzanine floor could be the perfect solution for you! John Scott creates custom-made mezzanine flooring for your office, showroom or warehouse. 

Creating more storage 

A mezzanine floor is a self-supporting structure that is placed between two floors in order to create more space within your warehouse.Our mezzanine construction will be custom-made for you. Investing in a mezzanine floor is sustainable, cost-effective, practical and an innovative alternative for the traditional designs. The floor is light, but has a load capacity up to 4000 kilograms per m2. In short, a mezzanine is perfect to create more storage. 

Who we are:

John Scott Works its main office is located in West Midlands and we do have several stores located in central England. The company John Scott Works is part of the PRN Group, an international group of companies with a proven record in steel manufacturing and process automation. We are deploying us developing in smart technologies and by investing in skilled people, production equipment and facilities. We are experts in the manufacturing of mezzanine floors created by our professional employees. 

The process of creating more storage

When you order a mezzanine floor online or in one of our offices, your project will be established by our experienced team of project engineers, certified welders and trained installers. We use a 3D design to create a custom-made floor that fulfills the requirements you need. The mezzanine floors are established completely in-house using state-of-the art technologies such as cold roll forming and robot welding. The floor has the possibility to install pipes for water and electricity. The floor will be finished with a power coat.  


The costs

By investing in a mezzanine you will be able to create more storage space within no-time and at relatively low costs. A standard mezzanine floor will cost between £35 and £60 per m2. If you are curious what we can do for you, please use the price indicator below and receive an estimation in your mailbox.