Self-sufficient manufacturing is the core of the vision of John Scott Works. As part of an international group supplying mezzanine all over Europe, John Scott Works maintains its own production of a wide range of cold formed profiles on several roll forming lines. This enables us to provide the optimal mezzanine flooring solution, cost and concept wise.

Adding up to this, John Scott Works has in place a separate workshop for handling of hot rolled steel, including drilling, cutting and punching lines as well as customized welding robots. Quality is guaranteed by the British Standard EN 1090 certification and the corresponding CE label. This way John Scott Works Ltd turns raw steel into made-to-measure mezzanine flooring.

Our team

Paul, aged 64

We are convinced  that the future’s  production can only be realized by combining SMART technology with well-known tradition as well as skilled and experienced people. Paul brings in this skill and experience as JSW head of production.

Alec, aged 42

Quality control is key in both automated and manual fabrication according to the industry’s highest standards. Alec cares for that as both experienced welder and Responsible Welding Coordinator.

Liviu, aged 28

With a young generation keen to advancing modern technology we are using a combination of 3D software and modern welding robots to produce quality in the most efficient way. Liviu is motivated by continuously improving the production process.