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May 2018: Newsletter featuring the announcement of a new handrail system, 2 staff additions and a teaser of the new welding robot.

This year is flying by and we find ourselves nearly half way through the year, the hottest bank holiday since records began and the anticipated date of the end of the summer now given as the launch date for our new handrail system.

Shown for the first time at the Logimat show in Germany earlier in the year, feedback given from our customers has been taken on board and we await now the final tweaks in engineering before moving into production. The handrail will be cold formed, matching the main and secondary beams we use for our floor joists, the top rail will be mounted on top of the handrail posts still giving the continuous flow of our original handrail. The noticeable difference will be the larger corner posts, enabling the handrail to ‘finish’ at each corner, with the knee rail being pre-cut and connected between each handrail post.

Handrail posts will still be powder coated, and if required the galvanised rail can also be coated, however this will be at an extra cost.
John Scott Works at a fair

5. 4. 3. 2.............. The arrival of our new welding robot is getting closer and closer. Production has been working hard this week to clear the needed space for it to go. Compressor, electrics and supplies are all in place..........

Full update will follow in June.

Construction at John Scott Works
November 2017: John Scott Works is keen to maintain its high quality standard. We are therefore happy to announce that Alec Grainger has passed his welding qualification according to ISO 9606-1.
A new certification for John Scott Works