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Need A Mezzanine Kit? Install Yourself!

Our mezzanine kit is the best quality. Fill in the dimensions of your mezzanine floor, get a price and save money by installing the floor yourself.

Various websites offer mezzanine kits. These mezzanines are often no larger than 32 m2. The disadvantage of these kits is that they are quite expensive. You will pay somewhere around 200 pounds per square metre.

The mezzanine kits from John Scott Works are custom made in the UK. Do you need - for example - a mezzanine of 943 cm by 483 cm? No problem! We produce your unique mezzanine floor and send the kit to any address in the UK. Do you need help with the assembly? John Scott Works has its own installation team.

Get a quote today! Use our configurator and calculate your mezzine floor kit. A mezzanine floor has a square, L-shaped or rectangular shape. You can choose a RAL color for the finishing of the steel columns. In addition, choose the finish of the floor (for example Wood P6 Standard) and the load capacity. In addition, you choose a few accessories, such as a spiral staircase, a straight staircase and a handrail.