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Mezzanine floor plan | John Scott Works

Are you looking for a solution to create more space? The mezzanines of John Scott Works offer an affordable and effective solution for creating additional space. It is a way to easily double your floor area. John Scott Works will assist you throughout the process, from mezzanine floor design to the installation of your mezzanine floor. More about a John Scott Works mezzanine floor plan.

Double your floor area

A mezzanine floor is a self-supporting construction that serves as an intermediate floor to provide additional space in your warehouse, shop, or another building. Choose John Scott Works and you choose for one of the top dealers of mezzanine floors in England. We are also known as The Mezzanine Factory. Doubting between expanding or moving? Moving is way more expensive than expanding with a mezzanine floor. Visit this page for more information about mezzanine floor costs. It is already possible from 35 pounds per square meter.

A mezzanine floor plan

If you are looking for a mezzanine floor plan or mezzanine floor design, John Scott Works can definitely help you. We are a specialist manufacturer of mezzanine floors. We produce our mezzanines completely in-house and use state-of-the-art technology. Your mezzanine project is in safe hands with our experienced team of project engineers, trained installers and certified welders. We will help you during the whole process: from personal advice and design to professional installation. We have the know-how for a professional and sustainable realization of your project.

A mezzanine for different places

It will be clear that a mezzanine can be a perfect solution to create additional space. What will be the destination of your mezzanine floor? We produce the mezzanine floors completely according to your wishes. Think for example of doubling the floor area of a warehouse, shop, office, showroom or storage unit.

Mezzanine floor plan | John Scott Works

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