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Mezzanine floor for sale in the UK

Need a mezzanine floor? The British company John Scott Works sells mezzanines in the UK. There are many floors for sale in various shapes: U-shape, L-shape, square and rectangle.

A mezzanine is always tailor-made. Not one business building is the same. That is why we look at the dimensions of the building. We would also like to hear your requirements. If you only need 100 square meters extra, then maybe a smaller industrial balustrade is everything you need. Do you prefer to have more space? Then a mezzanine with several floors is a must. Are there heavy machines or products on the mezzanine? Then we recommend a mezzanine with a higher load per square meter.

Mezzanine floor for sale: use our configurator

Use our configurator and fill in the specifications of your mezzanine. Within a few minutes we have enough information to send you a price estimate. We will check out the location and do a structural calculation: 100% free of charge. After that we will produce and deliver the mezzanine. You can choose to install the mezzanine floor yourself or we can do it for you. John Scott Works has an experienced team of certified welders, trained installers and project engineers.

Average costs for a mezzanine: 35 - 90 pound p/square metersDid you know that the average payback-period of a mezzanine is one year? And that an average mezzanine costs somewhere between 35 and 90 pound per square metres? It really depends on load capacity and the floor surface finish (cheap standard wood or expensive plywood or metal).

Do you have questions? Please contact our experts. We will get you the mezzanine that you need!

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