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Mezzanine floor: what are the costs?

A mezzanine floor will cost you somewhere between 35 and 90 pound per square metre.

Do you want a cheap mezzanine? Then you'll have to accept a lower load capacity per m2. Most customers use a load capacity of 350-750 kg per m2. Do you need a higher load capacity, then the steel columns have to be larger or we have to deliver more columns.

Payback period: < 1.5 years

Compare the costs of purchasing a mezzanine floor with the costs of moving or enlarging your current warehouse, storage space or showroom. Usually the payback period of a mezzanine is less than 1.5 years.

Mezzanine Floor Costs example - Small warehouse

Suppose you have a warehouse with a surface area of 200 square metres. You rent this warehouse for £ 1,000 per month. You choose a mezzanine of 200 square metres and pay 60 pounds per square metre. This is an average. In that case, the mezzanine costs 12,000 pounds. Since you do not have to rent a second warehouse (at 1,000 pounds per month), you save 12,000 pound a year. The payback period is exactle 12 months.

Mezzanine Floor Costs example - Large warehouse

If you have a larger warehouse, then the payback period is a bit longer, because the rent per square metre is cheaper for larger warehouses. Suppose you have a warehouse with a surface area of 1.000 square metres and the rent is £ 4,000 per month. An average mezzanine will cost around 60 pounds per square metre. The payback period is 15 months.

In addition, a mezzanine retains its value. You can resell the floor after a few years to a new tenant of the warehouse. Or to someone else. This means that the backback period is often less than a year.

Free structural calculation & on-site survey

When you choose for John Scott Works, we can get you a free structural calculation and a free on-site survey. We produce the steel columns, flooring and bolts in our factory in Tipton (Britain). Because of our unique cold form system we can produce mezzanines fast ánd cheap.

How to save money? Install the mezzanine yourself!

If you (or your employees) install the mezzanine yourself, you save a considerable amount. If you do not want to worry, please contact our assembly team. Our own team has a lot of experience with the construction of mezzanine floors and often gets the job done within a week.

Please, use our cost calculator and you will get a price estimate!