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John Scott Works creates your mezzanine floor construction. It can be an ideal solution for your storage shortage. Are you looking for a way to create more space for your business? We are a specialist designer, manufacturer and installer of mezzanine floor constructions.

A mezzanine floor construction

We develop, manufacture and install your mezzanine floor and arrange the whole process for you. From personal advice and design to professional installation. All our mezzanine floors are custom-made and based on your wishes and requirements. We have our own factory in Wolverhampton where we produce the mezzanine floor construction. Whether you are looking for a way to create more space in your warehouse, office or showroom: we have a good solution.

The price of a mezzanine floor construction

We understand that the price of a mezzanine floor construction is important for you. Since we produce it completely based on your wishes and requirements, we have no standard prices. However, we have a price calculator. You can easily request a quote on our website. We are happy to give you a price indication. The average price of a mezzanine floor is around 100 pounds per square metre. This price is based on economical grid and excluding other special requirements and accessories.

Your Mezzanine Factory

A big advantage for you as a customer is that we can arrange the whole process for you. That is why we are also known as The Mezzanine Factory. Your floor will be produced in our own factory and our own experts will install the floor at your location. Buying a mezzanine floor from John Scott Works consists of 4 steps: advice and the start of the process, the 3D mezzanine design, the production and transport and assembly. We build your steel mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine floor construction | John Scott Works

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Feel free to contact us for more information. Our professionals are happy to help you and provide you the required information. They will also think with you about the best solution. Are your first curious about the price? Use the button below and request a quote without obligation.

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