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Building mezzanines

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Building a mezzanine floor

Building mezzanines

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Building mezzanines

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Building mezzanines

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Warehouse mezzanine floor: the best mezzanine floors for your warehouse

A mezzanine floor offers the solution for your lack of space in your warehouse. John Scott Works offers you the possibility to enlarge the surface of your warehouse. Warehouse mezzanine floors are an ideal solution and they will pay back themselves within a time range of one and a half years. Purchasing a mezzanine floor is a sustainable investment for your organisation.

Invest in your warehouse

Warehouses are the perfect place to store goods and supplies. Your stock needs to be up to date and structured. A mezzanine floor can be the perfect addition to your warehouse. A mezzanine provides a lot more space for storage. You will not have to build a larger warehouse or move your products to a larger warehouse; you simply add a whole floor to your current warehouse! 

✔️ Free structural calculation & free site survey in England
✔️ Guaranteed CE-marked mezzanine floor for sale
✔️ Installation and site management by our own John Scott Works employees
✔️ Quality powder finish in a RAL-colour of choice
✔️ Column grids to 18 meter, loads up to 4,000 kg/m2

Purchasing a mezzanine floor from John Scott Works

All of our mezzanine floors are made out of chipboard. Those boards are produced according to European guidelines. You can choose between different kinds of chipboards. For example one equipped with an anti-slip effect and different colours and sizes are available as well. The main construction consists of steel handrails and steel stairs with grate steps. There are different versions available such as a child-friendly and a removable version. Our floors are made with cold-formed steel profiles. They are used as beams to support the bearing force. The steel columns support the main beams causing the steel structure to carry up to 4000kg/m2 and can span up to 18 meters!

Warehouse mezzanine floor

Mezzanine floor for your warehouse 

If you have a large warehouse, the payback period of a mezzanine floor is a bit longer than the average. The rent per square meter is cheaper for large warehouses. However, a mezzanine floor will retain its value. Reselling the floor after a few years to a new tenant will result in a backpack period of less than a year. Our mezzanine floor costs around 100 pounds per square meter, without any specialties. If you want to know what the costs of your mezzanine floor will be, you can make use of our calculator. With the calculator you can request the price in three simple steps. During the first step, you enter specifications such as the layout, dimensions and properties such as the RAL color, the floor area, number of floors and the load-bearing capacity. In addition, you can add accessories such as a pallet set-up point or a cage ladder. Then fill in your details. The final step involves calculating the mezzanine floor that fully meets your needs!

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