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Building mezzanines

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Building a mezzanine floor

Building mezzanines

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Building mezzanines

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Building mezzanines

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Warehouse mezzanine? John Scott Works delivers high quality products

Are you looking for more space for your storage? Increase the capacity of your warehouse with a warehouse mezzanine from John Scott Works. This way you will double the flooring area and you don’t have to look for a bigger location somewhere else. So you won’t lose any employees, customers or other people you work with because you have to move to another location.

Create more space with a warehouse mezzanine

A warehouse mezzanine is a perfect way to optimally utilize the space in your building. Even if you need extra space temporarily, a mezzanine floor is a smart solution as it retains its value. It is a sustainable, cost-effective, practical, and innovative alternative for traditional designs. The construction is very light, but the floor has a load capacity up to 4,000 kilograms per square meter. In short, a mezzanine is built for heavy-duty and forms the perfect way to create more storage in your warehouse.

The costs of a mezzanine in your warehouse

On average, a warehouse mezzanine floor costs around 100 pounds per square meter, excluding VAT. That is not much if you compare it to renting, expanding or buying a (new) warehouse. In addition, a mezzanine floor is easy to sell if you no longer need it and you don't have to install a new climate system. Start today and use our mezzanine floor price calculator. First choose the desired shape: square, U-shape or L-shape. Then fill in the dimensions, choose one of our RAL-colours for the columns and determine the load capacity per square meter. At last, you will choose a floor surface finish.
Warehouse mezzanine | John Scott Works

From industrial building till public showroom

Not only is a warehouse mezzanine a very cost-effective solution, but it can also be used in many different environments. Think of industrial till publicly accessible situations such as showrooms or shopping malls. There are tons of possibilities. As long as your building is high enough you can build up to three levels of mezzanine on top of each other. This way, you have a multi-level mezzanine. The floor can also be fitted with additional features such as a safety pallet gate and industrial stairs. The steel columns can also be coated in a RAL-colour you like. A mezzanine from John Scott Works can be adjusted to your wishes and needs.

More about John Scott Works

John Scott Works is a British company and we have our own production facility. This enables us to provide the optimal warehouse mezzanine flooring solution for you. We are also known as The Mezzanine Factory. At John Scott Works we can deliver a mezzanine at lightning speed. Within four weeks you will receive our building kit with steel columns, floors and bolts. You can install the mezzanine yourself or you can hire our in-house assembly team to finish the job. Our team of professionals will build the mezzanine without doing major modifications to the current building.

More information about a warehouse mezzanine?

Are you interested in a warehouse mezzanine and curious what John Scott Works can do for your building? Press the button below for a price indication and contact. First personal contact? Our experts are happy to help you and give you more information. Feel free to contact John Scott Works.

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