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Buy a used mezzanine floor? | Be careful

Many used mezzanine floors are online available to buy on different websites and platforms. This seems to be an economical alternative to a brand-new mezzanine floor, but please be careful. Do you consider buying a used or second-hand mezzanine floor? You should pay attention to this.

The price for a used mezzanine floor

The prices for used and new mezzanine floors are not far apart. The real value is in the product, namely the steel construction. In addition, it normally costs more to assemble and disassemble a mezzanine floor. It often costs more time (and money) to install a used mezzanine floor, which cancels out the price difference between a brand-new mezzanine or used mezzanine.
Heavy duty mezzanine floor | John Scott Works

A used mezzanine floor: the difference in quality and value

It is important to discover the differences between a new and used mezzanine floor. The advantage of a new mezzanine floor is that this floor is worth slightly more than a second-hand (or third hand) mezzanine floor that changes owner. This depends for example on the RAL colour of the columns and the load capacity of the mezzanine. Our experts can give you more information about this for a new mezzanine floor.

There is a lot of difference in quality. For example, many mezzanine floors have a maximum loading capacity of 3,000 kilos per square metre. A brand-new John Scott Works mezzanine floor can have a heavier load. We make all floors in our own factory and the loading capacity can be up to 4,000 kilos per square metre. They are of heavier quality. This makes our mezzanines stronger and sturdier, which makes them last longer.

We help you with your decision

We understand that it might be difficult to make a decision, but we are happy to help you. Our advice is to compare the prices and specifications of the different mezzanines. Request a non-binding quote from John Scott Works and compare it with a used mezzanine floor. We are sure that we can surprise you with a sharp proposal for a new mezzanine floor.

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