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The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

Storage mezzanine needed? John Scott Works is nr 1 in mezzanines

Storage mezzanine needed? John Scott Works helps you out. A mezzanine floor offers the solution you are looking for. John Scott Works designs, produces and installs custom-made mezzanine floors. Choosing for a mezzanine floor means your company doesn’t have to move to a bigger location. Moving costs a lot of time and extra money. By installing a mezzanine floor you save a lot of time and money. It is much cheaper and offers a long-term solution.

Storage mezzanine or moving?

A storage mezzanine is a self-supporting construction that serves as an intermediate floor to provide extra storage space in your warehouse. Choose for John Scott Works and you choose for one of the top dealers of mezzanine floors from England. A mezzanine floor offers an affordable and effective solution for creating additional space in a warehouse. As we mentioned before: moving is way more expensive than a mezzanine. Renting a new, bigger building costs mostly between 40 and 100 pounds per square meter without VAT. These prices are also without the bill for energy, gas and water and the costs for moving. If you choose for moving far away from your current location, not all employees can or want to move along with the company. So you also might need to put some effort in finding new employees who live closer to the new location.

Storage mezzanine

Advantages of a storage mezzanine

With a storage mezzanine, you won’t only create extra space, because another advantage is that you will earn back the costs of the mezzanine in about 1.5 years. Therefore it is a very cost-effective solution. Of course the payback period depends on the total costs of your mezzanine. The cold form system provides a cost-effective, practical and innovative alternative for a traditional hot rolled design.

You also get a free structural calculation and free site survey in England at John Scott Works. Besides the advantages pricewise: all our mezzanine floors are CE-marked. Installation and site management will be done by our own team. All mezzanines get a quality powder finish in RAL-colour of your choice.

✔️ Free structural calculation & free site survey in England;
✔️ Guaranteed CE-marked mezzanine floor for sale;
✔️ Installation and site management by our own John Scott Works employees;
✔️ Quality powder finish in a RAL-colour of choice;
✔️ Column grids to 18 meter, loads up to 4,000 kg/m2.

Cost overview

We build an online calculator so you can easily compare prices. Our calculator allows you to calculate the price of your storage mezzanine. Click on the button at the bottom of this page, fill in the necessary details and you will receive a personal quote from our experts.

Would you like to get some advice from one of our specialized employees? Please contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you by finding a suitable solution for your space problems.

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