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Building a mezzanine floor

Building mezzanines

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Building mezzanines

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Building mezzanines

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Showroom mezzanine | Discover the possibilities

Would you like to enlarge your showroom or furnish it more efficiently? However, you are satisfied with the current location of your showroom? A mezzanine floor could be an ideal solution for you. If your current showroom has room for expansion and is high enough, you can discover the possibilities for a mezzanine floor. Thanks to a mezzanine floor, you can enlarge your showroom and you do not have to move to another, larger building. We are happy to provide you with more information about a showroom mezzanine.

Enlarge your showroom with a mezzanine floor

Easily enlarge your available space in your showroom? A mezzanine floor is then a simple solution for retail. You can easily double the floor space without having to move to a larger, new location or building. An important advantage is that you can quickly earn back a mezzanine floor. The average payback time of a mezzanine floor is 1.5 to 2 years.

The ideal division for your showroom

It is significant to set up your showroom as efficiently as possible, for you and for the customer. Therefore, we advise you to place the most popular products on the ground floor. The customers will immediately see the products. The place for the less popular products can then for example be on the showroom mezzanine. It is also possible to add a stair lift or a lift to your mezzanine floor. This way everyone can easily reach your new floor. Depending on the layout of your showroom, you can also make other decisions. For example, move offices or the staff canteen upstairs or use the mezzanine floor for your storage. We like to think along with you and help you during the whole process.

Mezzanine floor design

We are also known as The Mezzanine Factory. John Scott Works is a specialist manufacturer of mezzanine floors. Our experts are available to help you. Together we will search for the best fitting mezzanine floor. We create the showroom mezzanine completely according to your information and wishes. We work with a 3D design to create the perfect mezzanine floor for you.
Showroom mezzanine | John Scott Works

Recent projects of John Scott Works

We helped one of Coventry’s leading Carpet Shops with their expansion. This exciting project had many elements involved rather than just a standard storage mezzanine and is therefore a good example. Our mezzanine floor is to be used for their showroom. It was important that it was customer friendly. Moreover, it was designed for general public access, so we organised the building regulations and fitted fire protection. Curious about this project? Visit our page with case studies.

A showroom mezzanine?

Are you curious about the possibilities for a showroom mezzanine? Feel free to contact us and discover the possibilities. Our experts are ready to help you. Do you want a quotation for your mezzanine? Use the button below and you will get a price estimate.

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