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Building a mezzanine floor

Building mezzanines

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The answer to 'do I need planning permission for a mezzanine floor?'

Do I need planning permission for a mezzanine floor?', is probably one of the most asked questions when you start thinking about buying a mezzanine. John Scott Works will answer that question and guide you to an optimal mezzanine floor for your company. John Scott Works designs, produces and installs custom-made mezzanine levels. Choosing a mezzanine floor means you and your company don’t have to move to a bigger location. By installing a mezzanine floor instead of moving, you save a lot of effort and money.

Do I need planning permission for a mezzanine floor?

Of course, for every company and every situation, a personal approach is required. A mezzanine floor is a raised platform, typically independent of a building structure and supported by columns sitting on the existing floor panel, racking structures or other adequate foundations. It is not considered as an additional building level.

The mezzanine floor is a great solution for expanding the existing warehouse space in a cost-effective way. The mezzanine can be used as additional storing or office space or production space. It can be customized and improved using partitioning and suspended ceilings, storage and racking, and more. The mezzanine floor is part of the building just like any other, and it should be treated as such. In addition, businesses can add as many mezzanine floors as required as long as you have the required headroom to operate and access meets regulations.

Answers and facts

You don’t need planning permission to install a mezzanine floor. Since most mezzanine floors are constructed to be mobile you will not require planning permission. But no matter how large the mezzanine floor is, you will need to obtain Building Regulations approval and the mezzanine floors have to be compliant with the following statutory requirements:
  • Building Regulations 2000 (England and Wales applicable);
  • Structure: Approved Document A Fire;
  • Safety: Approved Document B;
  • Stairs, ramps and guards: Approved Document K;
  • Means of access for disabled: Approved Document M.

John Scott Works has been designing, producing and installing mezzanine floors for a very long time in all kinds of buildings and for all types of companies. We have extensive knowledge about whether approvals are needed or not and can also advise about the best way to design, produce and install a mezzanine floor that allows the business to grow further.

Planning permission for a mezzanine floor

Advantages of a mezzanine level

You won’t only create extra space in your building, you will also earn back mezzanine levels in about 1.5 years. Therefore, it is a very cost effective solution. Of course the payback period depends on the total costs of your mezzanine floor, but in general, you will earn it back within 1.5 to 2 years. Also the cold formed systeem mentioned above provides a cost-effective, practical and innovative alternative traditional hot rolled design.

If you think that you haven't got enough space with one layer of mezzanine floor, we can also deliver mezzanine levels with multiple layers, up until three levels. This way the storage space is used well and your warehouse has four levels for storage space. Besides you can choose from different mezzanine floors with different sizes, colors and materials. Depending on what your wishes are.

5 good reasons to choose for John Scott Works

A mezzanine floor has many advantages, but we, as quality-drive mezzanine floor manufacturers in the UK, have listed the most important ones for you. A big advantage of a mezzanine floor from John Scott Works is firstly that you have a personalized quote within two minutes with our mezzanine floor calculator. Click the button below to use our calculator.

✔️ Free structural calculation & free site survey in England;
✔️ Guaranteed CE-marked mezzanine floor;
✔️ Installation and site management by our own John Scott Works employees;
✔️ Quality powder finish in a RAL-colour of choice;
✔️ Column grids to 18 meter, loads up to 4,000 kg/m2.

If you want to know more about all options of the mezzanine levels, please contact us. Do you want to receive a price indication? Then you can simply request a quote without obligation.

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