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Building a mezzanine floor

Building mezzanines

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Building mezzanines

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Building mezzanines

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Multi-level mezzanine | Create more space

Are you looking for a way to create more space in your building? Do you want to avoid a relocation? A multi-level mezzanine enables your business to grow within the current building. A multi-level mezzanine maximises the available space and minimises the costs. It is a qualitative and cost-effective solution for your business problem. On this page more information about a multi-level mezzanine from John Scott Works.

Based on your wishes

John Scott Works is a specialist manufacturer of mezzanine floors and produces the mezzanines completely in-house. We are also known as The Mezzanine Factory and create your mezzanine floor based on your wishes and requirements. We create a customised 3D design of your mezzanine floor. Your mezzanine floor is in safe hands with our experienced team of certified welders, project engineers and trained installers. We deliver a CE-marked mezzanine floor and have a certified production process.

What is a multi-level mezzanine?

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor which is built between the floor and the ceiling of a building. It can also be built between two main floors in a building. A multiple-level mezzanine is also called a mezzanine floor with multiple layers or a multi-tier mezzanine floor. You can choose a mezzanine level or more mezzanine levels for your expansion. With a multi-level mezzanine floor, you can easily double, triple or even quadruple the available number of square metres in a relatively short time.
Multi-level mezzanine | John Scott Works

Expand your mezzanine floor

A mezzanine floor is also adaptable. You can always expand your mezzanine floor at a later time. Maybe you need some extra space right now, but doubling the available space is enough. At a later time, you need more extra space, this is no problem for John Scott Works. We are ready to help you and can expand your mezzanine floor. We can create an extra level for your mezzanine floor.

The costs of a multi-level mezzanine

Our mezzanine floors cost around 100 pounds per square metre. The price depends, among other things, on the loading capacity and the column grids. Logically, a higher loading capacity requires larger and/or more steel columns. This also means a higher price. Good news, the payback period from a John Scott Works mezzanine is less than 1.5 years. Next to this, it is way more expensive to move to another building or enlarge your current business building.

Use our calculator

Use our calculator in the button below to calculate your mezzanine floor in only a few steps. Feel also free to contact us. Our experts are happy to help you and provide you with personal advice.

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