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The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

Mezzanine Nottingham: biggest load capacity in the industry

Exploring the possibilities in order to create more floor area in Nottingham? Then a mezzanine might be the perfect solution for you. On the one hand you don’t have to deal with relocating to another location and on the other hand, in the long term you’ll earn back the costs for a mezzanine in Nottingham.

John Scott Works operates nationwide, which is why we also install mezzanines in Nottingham. When you are satisfied with the quote and you agree with our proposal, we will perform a free of charge structural calculation and a free site survey. Therefore we can guarantee that your mezzanine floor will fit perfectly and meets your wishes and needs.

Why choose John Scott Works for a mezzanine in Nottingham?

Location of John Scott Works in the UKSelf-sufficient manufacturing is the core of our business. We maintain our own production of a wide range of cold formed profiles, on several roll forming lines. Therefore we can offer our customers the best solution at an affordable price. Besides, the quality of our mezzanine floors are phenomenal. They have a span of 18 meters, and can carry a load capacity up to 4000 kg/m2. This is way more than other manufacturers can offer in this field of work.

Another major advantage is that you can assemble the floor yourself. From shape, size and safety accessories. A mezzanine floor from John Scott Works is not a standard product, all our floors are custom made adapted to your needs.

A solution for lack of space in Nottingham

A mezzanine can be applied in many industries, from industry environment till publicly accessible situations. The floor can be fitted with additional features such as a safety pallet gate for pallet handling or steel gratings conforming safety regulations.

In our mezzanine floor price calculator you can configure your own mezzanine floor. Choose the shape of your floor, the measurements and characteristisch such as RAL-color and load capacity. Requesting a quote is entirely without obligation.

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