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The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

Mezzanine floor in Northampton? Ideal solution for additional space

A mezzanine floor is a smart and cost-effective solution for creating additional flooring space for your company in Northampton. A mezzanine floor uses the available space, which would otherwise remain unused. Therefore, it is a very convenient solution for warehouses, storage spaces, and even showrooms.

For example, normally only the available floor space on the ground floor is being used. It is a shame not to use all that available space, especially when you are in need of more floor area. If you have a ceiling that is at least 10 meters high, you can easily install a mezzanine floor up to three levels to create the additional space you need.
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Suitable for different industries

Whether you need a smart solution for an industry environment or publicly accessible situations, a mezzanine floor is suitable for both industries. A mezzanine can be adjusted to your personal wishes, and extra features can be added to the floor as we manufacture the floor in our own factory. You have the possibility to choose features such as a safety pallet gate or industrial stairs. Every floor we deliver meets up to the safety standards, as safety is the highest priority for us.

How much does a mezzanine floor cost?

It is hard to give you the exact price of a mezzanine floor, this depends mostly on the load capacity per m2. But we can give you a rough estimation. In general, a mezzanine floor costs somewhere around £100,- pound per square meter. This price is based on most economical grid, excluding optional accessories and excluding other special requirements. Do you want a smaller load capacity per m2? Than you’ll pay less. Naturally, if you want a bigger load capacity, it is the other way around.

Before you have to make a decision about what load capacity you need, and how big your mezzanine has to be, our projects engineer will visit your site. We will do a free-of-charge site survey in Northampton and calculate your mezzanine floor. Also, our engineer can advise you about what load capacity you need. It depends on what the purpose of your mezz floor will be. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a mezzanine floor or the production process.

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