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The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

Looking for a mezzanine floor manufacturer?

John Scott Works is the leading mezzanine floor manufacturer in the United Kingdom. We produce our mezzanines in-house in our factory in the heart of Black Country. We differentiate ourselves through tailor-made solutions and an up-to-date, certified production process.

We are the absolute specialist when it comes to producing mezzanine floors. We have a modern and fully equipped factory where we use cold roll forming and robot welding to produce our mezzanines. The cold-formed system is a cost-effective, practical and innovative alternative to the traditional hot-rolled design.

Benefit from a mezz floor from John Scott Works

When you are exploring your options for creating extra space in your showroom, warehouse, storage or shop, you might have considered renting or buying a new place. While a mezzanine is a much more affordable and effective solution. With a mezz floor you can easily double or triple your floor area.

We are specialized in engineering and producing mezzanine floors. Before we produce a new mezzanine floor, we work out every detail of the floor in a 3D drawing program. If you feel like one floor isn't enough, you can also choose for a second mezzanine floor and even a third. In that case, you will get multiple mezzanine floors on top of each other: a multi-level mezzanine.

The significant difference between JSW and other mezz manufacturers:

  • A free of charge site survey and structural calculation;
  • Installation and site management by JSW employees;
  • Or save money and install the mezzanine yourself;
  • In-house production;
  • Tremendous strength and bearing capacity (up to 4.000 kg/m2!);
  • A quality powder coated finish in a RAL-colour of your choice.
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Your mezzanine floor manufacturer

We can give you an indication of the costs of a mezzanine floor. But this is just an estimation. No mezzanine is the same, as everyone's requirements are different. It completely depends on the specifications, measurements and accessories of your mezzanine floor.

But, did you know that it has never been easier to calculate the estimated costs of your new mezzanine floor? With our cost calculator you can request a quotation without obligation! Just fill in the desired floor specifications, measurements and characteristics and you will receive a price estimate in your mail.

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