The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

Mezzanine floor installers

Installing a mezzanine floor is a piece of cake for our mezzanine floor installers.

Every week, our installers assemble new mezzanine floors for our customers. They have a lot of experience. It is possible to realize an additional floor within a few days. Our mezzanines are the best you can find. Superior quality and grade A materials give a tremendous strength and a high loading capacity.

John Scott Works is an English company, located in Wolverhampton. We have an experienced team with engineers, installers and project managers. We know the stumble blocks and negative experiences and how to avoid them.

Do I need a mezzanine floor installer?

No. It is possible to install a mezzanine by yourself. When you buy a mezzanine and you have a team of handy people, we will give an instruction on how to install a mezzanine. There are exceptions. If it is a multi-level mezzanine floor, then we strongly advise against building the floor yourself. After all, a mezzanine with several floors is more complex.

Mezzanine floor installation

If you choose to let our mezzanine floor installers build your mezzanine floor, you can have your additional floor just within a few days. Our team of installers is experienced in a mezzanine floor installation, therefore we can assure you of a professional construction of your mezzanine floor.

How much does it cost to install a mezzanine?

Use our cost calculator to get a price estimate. Do you need a higher load than 1,250 kg/m2, please contact our team. We can build custom-made mezzanines with a load up to 4,000 kg/m2.

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