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Mezzanine floor for retail

Do you want a larger showroom or increase the shopping space? A mezzanine floor is a perfect solution for retail!

With a mezzanine you can easily double the retail space, without having to move or to buy or hire a new shop or showroom. You can also resell a mezzanine. When you no longer need the extra space, you can sell the steel columns and floor parts to a fellow entrepreneur. A mezzanine retains its value.

We advise you to place popular products or items on the ground floor. The mezzanine can then be used for less important products. This means that most visitors can stay on the ground floor. For instance: in a car showroom the newest cars are on the ground floor, occasions and obscure models are shown on the mezzanine. To help disabled employees or visitors, it is possible to install an escalator, elevator or stairlift to the mezzanine floor.

Another possibility is that you empty the entire ground floor. Offices, toilets and the cafetaria are becoming retail space. Then you build a mezzanine and there are the offices, toilet and the new cafeteria. You can also use the mezzanine as storage space. You get a larger retail space for customers and the mezzanine is only visited by your employees or colleagues. All our mezzanines are custom-made. That's why we also advise you to buy a new mezzanine floor instead of a used mezzanine floor.

Please, use our cost calculator. Request a quote for your mezzanine floor. Do you have questions? Contact our support team.

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How much does a mezzanine floor for retail cost?

It is hard to say. A standard mezzanine floorr from John Scott Works will cost around 100 pounds per square metre. This price is based on most economical grid, excluding optional accessories and excluding other special requirements. More about our mezzanine floor costs.

What is the payback time of a mezzanine?

Most shop owners reach the break-even point in the first two years. After that a mezzanine pays for itself.  Surprisingly, the payback period for stores is faster than for companies in warehouses. This has to do with the fact that retail space is often more expensive. If you have to rent more retail space, you pay more for a top notch location. If you already have that A (or B) location, then it is wise to build an extra floor with a mezzanine.

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