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Installing a mezzanine floor | Experienced installers

Are you going to buy a mezzanine floor and are you looking for information about the installation of a mezzanine floor? John Scott Works is The Mezzanine Factory and a specialist manufacturer of mezzanine floors. We would like to give you more information about installing a mezzanine floor and give you advice in doing it by yourself or ask mezzanine floor installers.

Installing a mezzanine floor by yourself

It is possible to install a mezzanine floor by yourself. We will manufacture your mezzanine floor and you can install it by yourself or ask someone else. However, we strongly advise you to ask professional mezzanine floor installers when you are buying a multi-level mezzanine floor. A multi-level mezzanine is way more complex than a standard mezzanine.

Installation by our experts

For our mezzanine floor installers, the installation of your mezzanine floor is a piece of cake. We assemble every week new mezzanine floors for our customers and have a lot of experience with it. We can ensure a professional construction of your mezzanine floor. Let our mezzanine floor installers build your mezzanine floor and you will have your additional floor already in just a few days.
Installing a mezzanine floor | Mezzanine flooring

The whole process by John Scott Works

Don’t want to worry about the mezzanine floor during the process? John Scott Works will arrange the whole process for you: a complex, standard or small mezzanine floor. From personal advice and a mezzanine floor 3D design to the installation of your desired mezzanine floor. It is important to know that your project is in safe hands with our experienced advisors, project engineers, certified welders and trained installers. More about a mezzanine floor in 4 steps.

Request a quote for your mezzanine

John Scott Works develops, manufactures and installs your mezzanine floor. Request a quote for a tailor-made mezzanine floor from John Scott Works. Whether you would like to do the installation by yourself or our professionals, we are happy to help you. Feel free to contact our team for more information of request a quote using the button below.

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