Industrial mezzanine: safe, low cost & effective

If you want an industrial mezzanine, then there are many possibilities. Most of the time the vertical space above manufacturing and warehousing floors is wasted. When you choose an industrial mezzanine, you get more vertical storage.

The long term costs are low. You pay only once for the purchase of a mezzanine. Thereafter, a mezzanine pays for itself. A mezzanine floor uses the existing climate resources, so the costs per m2 will drop.

But that's not all. A mezzanine with two, three or four levels is safe and accessable. At John Scott Works we can deliver conveyors, lifts and gates to protect your employees or customers. When you use our configurator, you can select the options.

The industrial mezzanines by John Scott Works are the best you can get. We use the best steel for high quality mezzanines. They provide tremendous strength and load bearing coapacity (up to 4.000 kg/m2).

John Scott Works is a British company. Our installers can often erect the mezzanine without interrupting normal work schedules. Another option is to get our building kit and install it yourself.

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