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System integration mezzanine floors

John Scott Works creates more space for integrated logistics systems. Regardless of the size of the project, we are happy to help in creating extra space for your business needs. We have a lot of experience with large and complex mezzanine floors and are ready to create your mezzanine floor for system integration.

Mezzanine expert for system integrators

We are your expert for mezzanine floors in production and distribution environments. Our customers rely on our technical know-how, and we arrange the whole process for you. From the first contact and personal advice up to and including the professional installation.

One of our System integration mezzanine success stories

System integration enabled by John Scott Works
Some projects do not impress by the size but by the complexity of the build. In system integration, this is often the case. John Scott Works partners with leading system integrators in designing platforms to support the systems solution they provide. In this instance, the design challenge was to circumvent the intricate systems already in place beneath the 500 m2 platform area. The result is a customised mezzanine design, with no column in a similar place, cantilevered structure, and frequent use of alternative stabilisation, such as strut bracing. Our team of structural and project engineers – the largest specialised in mezzanine flooring in Europe – delivered.

Installation of the platform posed the next challenge, as the use of access equipment was very restricted due to the systems underneath and around the structure. However, our very own JSW installers like a challenge and managed to build the platform during night shifts to cause minimal disruption to the business. For this leading healthcare provider, operations could naturally not stop in the middle of a pandemic. John Scott Works is a specialist and does not shy away from system integration projects that require customised design and intricate installation skills.

Quick facts:
  •   Year: 2021
  •   Location: Romford
  •   Size: 455 m2
  •   Scope: design, manufacture, installation
  •   Noteworthy: Designed and built around intricate existing systems

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