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Office mezzanine floors

Transform unused space in your warehouse or factory into productive offices with an office mezzanine floor from John Scott Works. Buying and installing an office mezzanine floor enables you to use the vertical space in your building optimal. This means that you do not have to relocate your business to a new building or expand your current building. John Scott Works is creating more space for your business.

Different uses of office mezzanine floors

An office mezzanine floor can have different uses. It is a cost-effective way to create more workspace, meeting or training rooms, canteen areas, and control rooms. Based on your preferences, we help your business to grow.

One of our office mezzanine floor success stories

The quality touch to your office or workshop mezzanine floor

Litron Lasers in Rugby produce innovative lasers for research and industry. The mezzanine floor in their workshop should match the quality and exposure of their business. They achieved this with a new John Scott Works mezzanine floor, designed for optimum stability and recognised as the best-designed system on the market. The mezzanine is developed in accordance with consequence class 2 and a maximum deflection of L/500, the JSW standard for office and workshop floors. This results in a very rigid structure, with minimal horizontal and vertical movement. Permanent point loads of up to 5 kN are possible, meeting the needs of a workshop mezzanine.

John Scott Works covers the entire process of design, manufacture, and installation. But it does not stop here. The building regulations application was facilitated by John Scott Works as well. The structure needs a 60-minute fire rating, included in the scope of supply. What results is a strong and good-looking mezzanine floor matching the company image of Litron Lasers, at a competitive rate. This focus on an outstanding price/quality ratio is at the heart of the vision of John Scott Works as family-driven business for the long run.

Quick facts:
  •   Year: 2021
  •   Location: Rugby
  •   Size: 150 m2
  •   Scope: Design, manufacture, install, fire protection
  •   Noteworthy: Rigid structure designed to consequence class 2 and a maximum deflection of L/500.

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