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The Mezzanine Factory

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The Mezzanine Factory

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The Mezzanine Factory

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The Mezzanine Factory

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John Scott Works is a specialist designer, manufacturer, and installer of mezzanine floors. We are in the business of Building Trust. Our mezzanines are produced completely in-house, using today’s smart technology by investing in skilled people, production equipment, and facilities.

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Personal advice for your mezzanine floor

We know and understand that all commercial buildings are different. We know you will have specific requirements and we can accommodate those needs as all our mezzanines are custom-made.

We develop your mezzanine floor

We have an extensive engineering department, who will deliver a flexible and tailored solution. For each mezzanine a structural calculation in accordance with the Eurocode Standards is carried out.

In-house production of mezzanine floors | John Scott Works

John Scott Works is The Mezzanine Factory. Your new mezzanine floor is built in Britain. The modern and fully equipped factory manufactures the various elements of the mezzanines.

Transport and installation of your mezzanine floor
Transport & Installation

Your mezzanine floor is now ready to leave our factory and be transported to its destination. Installation will be carried out by our experienced fitting teams which guarantees the optimum quality.




Our mezzanine floors are custom-made and created based on your needs and requirements. John Scott Works designs, manufactures, and installs your new mezzanine floor.
Below are some reasons why customers choose a John Scott Works mezzanine floor:
  •   John Scott works is a family driven business;
  •   Production of mezzanine floors completely in-house;
  •   We are the supply chain;
  •   We specialise in mezzanine floors;
  •   John Scott Works cares.

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A John Scott Works mezzanine floor



Building Trust | John Scott Works
John Scott Works is in the business of Building Trust.

Firstly, we are the 'builders' of our mezzanine floors. Building is a process that indicates development of people, the product, labour, and relationships. We ‘build’: mezzanine floors, the company, relationships, and charity initiatives.

Secondly, we build ‘trust’. Trust is at the heart of what we do at John Scott Works. It concerns the reliability of our product.

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