John Scott Works Ltd has experience based on more than 10.000 mezzanines installed worldwide. Engineering, manufacturing and installing mezzanine floors is our core business. Our Column System is a household name in the logistics industry.

Our mezzanine floors offer an affordable and effective solution for creating additional space. A mezzanine from John Scott Works carries the CE marking and is therefore of proven quality. This makes increasing your business floor space with a mezzanine an investment that is both beneficial and increases the value of your property.

The mezzanine floor is a flexible product. It is delivered to the location in kit form consisting of: steel columns, hot and cold rolled steel sections, floor plates and accessories such as handrail and pallet gates. Mezzanines can be put to a wide variety of uses; for instance: industrial units, distribution centres, showrooms, offices etc. How the finished mezzanine floor looks is entirely up to you.

John Scott Works Ltd manufactures mezzanines from 50 m² to 50.000 m², spanning 1 to 18 m and capable of loads from 100 kg/m² to 4.000 kg/m².

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Recent projects

Distribution center in Warrington featuring Myprotein, and PBK

For one of our top clients we had the opportunity to deliver some complex mezzanines to support the conveyor system. The mezzanine consists of 4 levels. We had the big challenge  to combine the conveying system with our mezzanine construction with very little space available. Positions of diagonal bracings were limited and we had to be flexible with column positions. Thanks to  our engineers cooperating closely with the system integrator involved using 3D software, we provided a system which is as accessible and effective as possible. 

G Star Fashion Hub Amsterdam

Twenty-five years after its establishment, the Dutch jeans label G-Star has conquered the world, selling their fashion range in more than 60 countries. Twenty-five years after its establishment, G-Star moves into a brand-new distribution centre in Amsterdam, the city where it all began. The dc lifts the possibilities for G-Star’s distribution in Europe to a whole new level, featuring a four-tier mezzanine structure that supports a fashion storage system on a 16.000 m2 surface. In this way the warehouse capacity of G-Star in Amsterdam, where industrials are crowded and land prices sky high, is used as efficient and smart as possible. 

The mezzanine structure itself stands out when it comes to cost optimization and flexibility. The supporting structure consists of cold rolled sections, a modern concept that is both less complicated and less expensive than its hot formed counterpart. Moreover, the modular Column System makes that the structure can be easily dismantled and built up again at another place – or extended, for that matter. All in all the mezzanine structure forms a vital part of the expanding distribution of G- Star’s brands and continues to do so for the future.

Mezzanine at G-Star in Amsterdam

Project Pacetech

For a Birmingham-based IT e-commerce business we provided two mezzanine floors to keep up with the company’s expansion. The mezzanines enable the client to make more efficient use of his available warehouse space to match their growth. The first mezzanine fits into one unit of the warehouse not covered by pallet racking, doubling the space for small parts and preparation for expedition. The second mezzanine forms the backbone of a two-tier office to house the customer’s additional staff. On top of the mezzanine floor, JSW handrail is fitted so that this level can be used for storage just now. At a later stage the handrail can be removed and the second tier turned into an office. This project champions John Scott Work’s mentality to think along with the client and provide the mezzanine solution that fits the client’s ever-changing needs.