Our mezzanine floors offer an affordable and effective solution for creating additional space. A mezzanine from John Scott Works carries the CE marking and is therefore of proven quality. This makes increasing your business floor space with a mezzanine an investment that is both beneficial and increases the value of your property.

Mezzanine flooring made-to-measure

The mezzanine floor is a flexible product. It is delivered to the location in kit form, consisting of, steel columns, hot and cold rolled steel sections, floor plates and accessories such as handrail and pallet gates.

Mezzanines can be put to a wide variety of uses; for instance: industrial units, distribution centres, showrooms, offices etc. How the mezzanine looks when finished is entirely up to you.

John Scott Works Ltd manufactures mezzanines from 50 m² to 50.000 m², spanning 1 to 18 m and capable of loads from 100 kg/m² to 4.000 kg/m².

On top of the mezzanine

The options of flooring for the mezzanine are chipboard, plywood or steel grating all are manufactured according the standard EN-standards.

The chipboard is delivered in P6 quality and optionally provided with antiskid grey surface. Alternatively steel grating is applied, according to the point load capacity wished for and in conformity with safety regulations. Special applications are those of concrete on dovetail-shaped sheet steel.

John Scott Works also supplies fire and water resistant plates and a sandwich-package of dovetail-shaped sheet steel with chipboard which has a much higher point load capability.

Safety accessories

As John Scott Works Ltd puts safety first, robust handrails and staircases are manufactured in our workshop, conforming to the BS norms.

Solutions are in place for both industry environments and public access situations. For safe pallet handling John Scott Works Ltd has developed a solution of its own. These tilting safety pallet gate can be produced tailor-made, providing a safe solution in your specific situation.