John Scott Works Ltd

John Scott Works Ltd is connecting the famous traditional craftsmanship of the steel industry championed in the Black Country with today's smart technology by investing in skilled people, production equipment and facilities.

High tensile steel and beams combined with optimized engineering result in MEZZANINE FLOORS, giving you more square meters and a return on investment you have only dreamed of.

John Scott Works Ltd also produces tailor made cantilever storage racking using traditional steel structure and featuring an industrial look. 

The combination of aptly schooled engineers, certified welders and top of the range machinery guarantee you a reliable and qualitative end product. 

John Scott Works Ltd is part of a leading international company which provides leadership and experience. In short, a company with a proven record you can trust and rely on. 

Our team, headed up by Jon Lewis, is ready to realise those extra square meters you need, within your existing floor surface. 


Our UK head office and production can be found in the heart of the Black Country, honoured to build on the steel industry legacy of this region.